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Marketing Summer Internship

The Atherton Group is an independently owned, client representative firm who represents Fortune 100 and 500 clients in various industries. We are a professional consulting, marketing, and acquisitions firm with one goal in mind; we look to grow our clients’ customer base in local markets. As a start-up, we have mutually agreed that we will be extremely aggressive about growth and expansion opportunities for our clients, team, and company. Since launching locally outside of downtown Orlando in July 2015, we have dedicated ourselves to pursuing a global and international business presence! 

We understand what our clients need to continue to grow their brand. The biggest obstacle for any company is attracting new customers and getting them to return to use the company’s products or services. Even the largest companies in the world would say that they need more new customers. And that is where we come in! We specialize in many different techniques and strategies for marketing various products or services to specific target audiences. Our clients choose to outsource to us because we offer a 100% return on investment guarantee. This provides our clients with the confidence that they will be able to find the most efficient, cost-effective strategy for adding new customers. It may be bold, but we look for long-term relationships with our clients and win/win scenarios that can guarantee growth for both parties.

The reason we have been able to attract many national clients so quickly in Orlando is because we run the business like a sports team. Many of our teammates have come from competitive, athletic backgrounds. This has helped us create a “locker room” type of culture and atmosphere. Our team can be quite competitive, but we also offer a very supportive, growth-oriented culture. We believe that teamwork makes the dream work and we are only as strong as our weakest link.

We also understand that we will not reach our goal alone that is why we work for our team instead of with our team. We do not see our team as numbers, but as individuals who contribute to the growth and excellence of this company. Every week, we strive to become the best team around the country for our clients so we can ensure growth and expansion opportunities are timely and abundant. We have now opened 14 locations in under 5 years and look to continue this trend of success and growth for our team!

Mark Cuban explains, “Learn to sell. In business you are always selling: to your prospects, investors, and employees.” At the end of day, every company turns profit through sales and marketing in one form or another. Lawyers sell their services and knowledge, doctors sell their expertise and precision, politicians sell on their values and beliefs, and even colleges sell students on their reputation and educational coursework. The bottom line is that sales and marketing are an essential aspect in every industry. 
TAG will be hosting an internship program that focuses around professional sales, marketing, leadership development, and entrepreneurship. The goal of our summer internship program is designed to teach ambitious college students’ reliability, how value is created within a company, and to create an entrepreneurial mentality. We are looking for candidates who are serious about developing skills to transition into careers that involve professional selling and consulting, integrated marketing, business management, start-ups and entrepreneurship, event coordination, hospitality and tourism management, finance, public relations, advertising, etc.
      Our internship program is broken down into four different areas of learning: First, our agents will have the opportunity to work with our largest clients; either AT&T, Spectrum, The Humane Society of North America, and Sprint. We specialize in B2C, B2B, Event, and Retail marketing campaigns. We start by teaching the professional selling and marketing techniques that have helped us open an additional fourteen locations in under 5 years! As a premier, outsourced vendor of this company, we have received many awards and accolades on the work we have done. They will first be trained on product knowledge and the industry while learning necessary skills in direct sales, consulting, marketing, and acquisitions. This will also come with a comprehensive commission structure to allow our interns the ability to create great wages over the summer. 
The second area will focus on leadership development within the company. Our interns will have the opportunity to lead training seminars, presentations, group projects, and even have the ability to train full time sales agents. We teach leadership through various exercises and activities that help our students think outside of the box and challenge their critical thinking abilities while honing in on new skills and attributes. 
 The third aspect of our program will focus on teaching necessary business management skills and characteristics through the ability to connect and adapt to multiple types of people and scenarios, delegate responsibilities, have critical conversations, understand company metrics, and lead from the front in all categories. Our interns will have the opportunity to shadow our management teams and learn their daily routines. We will even give a few select interns the opportunity to take on weekly management responsibilities. 
The last and most important aspect of our internship program is encircling the entire summer around the entrepreneurial spirit and mentality our company teaches. We were founded as a start up less than three years ago and attribute our growth and success by embedding our employees with entrepreneurial values and ideologies. By the end of the program, our interns will know what it takes to start, develop, and grow a company and we will use many guest speakers and critical thinking exercises to ensure they gain those abilities. We also have created a culture here that is unlike anything we have seen before. Our interns will have the opportunities to travel and network with our other locations, compete for sporting events, cash incentives, and various other prizes, volunteer through various non-profits, and create long lasting friendships and mentors. 
We are extremely excited to bring back our internship program. Some of our past interns are now working with companies like: Gary Vaynerchuck’s VaynermediaCMT(Country Music Television), E! Networks, Universal Studios, among many other nationally recognized companies. Some of our previous interns have even taken their entrepreneurial drive and started companies including organic energy drinks, real estate brokers, and even designing swimsuit lines. We are excited to launch this program for the summer but it is only for those who are serious about expanding their knowledge in those key areas mentioned before. We are looking forward to an amazing summer! 

 Best of luck!