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DEPPON 2020 Global Campus Recruitment

Company Introduction
Since its establishment in 1996,DEPPON LOGISTICS Co., LTD has becoming an integrated, customer-centered logistics company providing a wide range of solutions including Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) transportation, Full Truck Load (FTL) transportation, delivery services, and warehousing management. DEPPON makes it easy for large and small goods to travel. 
On January 16, 2018, DEPPON was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and officially entered the A-share capital market, referred to as "deppon shares", with the stock code of 603056. In the latest Fortune 500 ranking, DEPPON ranked 367.
Since Debon Express launched its campus recruitment in 2006, DEPPON has recruited more than 14,000 graduates of masters and bachelors in 14 years. Since 2012,DEPPON has been awarded the Best Employer of the Year in China for eight years. In 2019, DEPPON was ranked 22nd in the Top 30 Best Employers of China.

Position 1:Product and Marketing Planning Specialist 
1. Major: economic management, mathematics, statistics, science and engineering, logistics (logistics engineering, transportation, supply chain) and other related majors are preferred;
2. Understand concepts such as product development, product promotion and optimization, product portfolio strategy design, and product management;
3. Proficient in market analysis and customer demand analysis; 
4. Strong data analysis ability, familiar with data processing software such as EXCEL and SPSS;

1. Analyze existing product strategies and plans, collect research data of the market and customers, and assist in formulating new product plan strategies;
2. Through scientific and rigorous market research methods, observe changes in the market, competitors, customers, etc., to provide corresponding decision to support for the company's market strategic development and business decisions;
3. Monitor product competition and ensure the market competitiveness of the company's products.

Position 2:Operation Specialist 
1. Major: logistics (logistics engineering, transportation, supply chain), mathematics, economics and management, statistics, science and engineering, etc. ( winners of the modeling competition are preferred);
2. Have strong data analysis ability, excellent communication skill, rigorous and meticulous work attitude;
3. Proficient in data processing software such as EXCEL, SPSS is better;

1. Formulate the company's operating procedures, standard promotion plan, and monitor and improve;
2. Implement project system management of operation planning and support system to promote project completion;
3. Through data analysis and problem mining, improve operating efficiency and reduce operating costs;
4. Study the quality and safety supervision and management system and related supporting standards to improve the company's operating quality.

Position 3:Strategic Planning Specialist 
1. Professional requirements: Logistics (Logistics Engineering, transportation, supply chain), mathematics, economic management, science and engineering, etc;
2. Have strong data analysis ability, good communication ability, work rigorously and meticulously;

1. According to the internal and external environment and data analysis, assist in the formulation of 3-5-year strategic development plan
2. Analyze the macro-economy, industry trends, customer needs and other relevant information, and form a research report;
3. Build the process and standard of strategic performance management, and promote the implementation of the process and standard.

Position 4:Financial Planning Specialist 
1. Professional requirements: financial management, accounting, business management, financial analysis and other financial related majors;
2. Professional requirements: financial management, accounting, business management, financial analysis and other financial related majors;
3. Strong communication and coordination ability, independent thinking ability;

1. Establishment of financial analysis system and promote the improvement of relevant business departments
2. Setting up profit management mechanism and profit management mechanism which are suitable for company
3. Conduct in-depth research on the cost of each business line of the company to find out benefit points and promote them nationwide to improve company's benefit

Position 5:Human Resources 
1. Major requirements: human resource management, sociology, psychology and other majors;
2. Familiar with the knowledge of human resources, understand the relevant national policies and regulations, have strong team cooperation and communication skills;

1. Participate in the construction, improvement and implementation of the company's human resource management which related to module system;
2. Be responsible for formulating the modules of the company's human resource management;
3. Analyze the current human resource system, find out the existing problems, and put forward improvement plans through data collection, sorting and analysis.

Position 6:Corporate Culture Specialist 
1. Major requirements: Journalism, editing and publishing, communication, design, radio and television director, literature and other related majors;
2. Those who are good at using various tools are preferred, such as picture and video editing ability
3. Have strong learning ability and pressure resistance ability, good communication ability and driving force;

1. To promote the planning, implementation of various cultural activities of company;
2. Analyze and optimize the implementation effect of corporate culture, and publicize corporate values, management concepts and codes of conduct internally;
3. Participate in the company's internal journal publishing, character interview, manuscript writing;
4. Article promotion through various electronic channels (especially new media)
5. Establish and maintain a national cultural liaison team.

Position 7:Communication Specialist 
1. Major requirements: communication, news and communication, advertising, statistics, marketing, public relations and other related majors;
2. Excellent communication skills, active thinking, strong sense of teamwork;

1. Brand research through cooperating with third-party research institutions, conduct annual brand research and data analysis, optimize brand marketing direction;
2. Brand marketing campaign planning, develop product marketing plans, organize and implement marketing promotion activities
3. Joint marketing: sharing resources in marketing with external enterprises, carry out joint marketing activities to achieve complementary advantages and resource sharing, reduce brand operating cost
4. Brand PR: maintain brand reputation through media methods and establish a perfect crisis PR handling system; plan online and offline brand promotion activities to improve brand awareness.

Position 8: Purchasing Specialist
1. Professional requirements: business management, administration, logistics, engineering and other related majors;
2. Knowledge of product cost analysis;
3. Good communication skills, conscientious and responsible, with strong principles, able to adapt to business trip;

1. Formulate procurement strategies and plans according to business needs, meet business needs in a timely manner, and achieve cooperative negotiation through procurement methods 
2. Focus on and analyze the raw material market supply market on a regular basis, and understand the market changes in a timely manner
3. Optimize the supplier management system and procurement process, reduce the cost and increase efficiency through effective management of suppliers 

[What we can offer]
1. Competitive salary and benefits
Annual salary can be negotiated if you have excellent academic background and matching work experience
The company provides employees with car insurance for senior executives, group travel, and other welfare guarantees.
2. Self-development path
Unique talent training and selection system, which provides an open and transparent competition platform for capable people. Personal competence is the core, people can be promoted with fairness and openness (professional channels & management channels)
3. Perfect on-the-job training system
Deppon University has its own designed 531 courses that can provide employees with diverse training, including new employee training, professional skills training and management training
4. Great Trainning Program
For the top masters who are matching Deppon Express's "three-year director" training program's requirement, company provides targeted position training, regular job review, promotion and then enjoy company's director-level salary and benefits

[Interview process]
online application > comprehensive evaluation > interview > offer > contract employed

[Location] Shanghai, China

[Apply method]: