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Manager, Health & Sports Club

The Club Manager is responsible for all aspects of maintaining the business and making sure clients and staff are satisfied.  The Manager will develop a business model, which identifies existing and potential sources of revenue, optimizes the customer base, determines what programs attract and retain the customer base, determines the cost of operation and ensures revenues will cover the costs of operation.  The Manager applies an operational knowledge of finance, accounting and marketing concepts in order to make the business sustainable.  The Manager will be guided by the business model to validate the utility of each activity. The Manager is responsible for all of the following:
(1)   Marketing
Establish monthly targets for new members.
Design and implement a marketing program. The Club Manager is responsible for meeting revenue targets, which rely heavily on marketing and promotional activities in addition to member dues.
Keep current with industry trends and class/exercise preferences of targeted age groups.  Design, manage and deliver a comprehensive range of fitness activities that meet the needs of all members.
Use marketing strategies to analyze types of new services the Club could provide. 
Design special activities and promotions, including new member recruitment promotions.  Seek input from staff. 
Frequently examine current programs to determine whether they warrant continued operation in terms of participation levels and financial viability.
(2)   Manage Business Operations/Sustain Profitability
Develop a budget.
Oversee daily operation of the Club, including payroll for staff, procurement of supplies, billing and invoice records, and similar activities.
Maintain member files which include any relevant health history. Ensure files are current and members’ privacy is strictly protected.
Work through any disputes that arise among clients, staff and visitors. 
(3)   Personnel functions
Recruit, train and supervise staff.  Discipline where necessary.
Make sure instructors maintain all required certifications and adhere to safety standards.
Develop productivity standards for all staff.
Delegate work to staff where appropriate.
(4)   Promote Member Relations/Satisfaction
Build strong relationships with members. Communicate with members to make sure their needs are being met. Seek ideas from members for facility improvement and new programs. Maintain an atmosphere of hospitality, friendliness and support.
(5)   Maintain Safety, Cleanliness and Attractiveness
Ensure all equipment is in excellent working condition. Arrange for maintenance and repairs as necessary. Keep emergency plans up-to-date and known to staff. Monitor facility cleanliness. Ensure compliance with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations