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PAID Health Camp Internship

Camp Jump Start is looking to hire interns for this summer. This is a PAID internship. Some universities will give up to 9 credit hours to students who are employed by us. This is a great learning experience for students majoring in dietetics/nutrition, education, social work, psychology, exercise science and other health related fields. This internship will help you develop the knowledge and skill necessary to your career field. Our reputation and work experience will prepare you to get that career position!
We have been on national news, MTV and PBS, and have had our research published in peer-reviewed professional journals nationally and internationally. We are recognized as a "Best Practice" by a national congress and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our curriculum is award-winning from the Cooper Institute. This summer you could learn a lot and have a lot of FUN. More than that you will make a real difference by transforming one child, one family and thereby create the ripple effect that can change the world.

Camp Jump Start is the ONLY nonprofit WHOLE HEALTH residential camp specializing in healthy lifestyles and weight management. Kids ages 9 -18 years old live at camp for 4 or 8 weeks. Those needing to lose weight typically lose 7 - 10% of their body weight in 4 weeks which is enough to reverse disease such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease and improve depression and anxiety. Normal weight kids also attend to learn how to be healthy/prevent disease while disconnecting from electronics to re-connect with people. This is a place where kids can be kids. We disconnect them from the electronics and give them a chance to run, jump and play like kids were meant to play. We have found that many parents need a safe place to send their children during the summer while they work. They recognize the benefits of the immersion into a healthy lifestyle and they know and trust the people caring for their children.

Desired Qualifications:
-Previous camp experience preferred
-Desire and ability to work with children and adults in camp
-Ability to relate to one’s own peer group
-Ability to accept supervision and guidance
-Ability to teach an activity
-Good character, integrity and adaptability
-Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience and self-control
-High school graduate/ equivalent and 18 years old

Responsible To:
Head counselor and/or Camp director

General Responsibility #1 - To identify and meet camper needs:
- Learn the likes and dislikes of each participant.
- Recognize and respond to opportunities for problem-solving in the
- Develop opportunities for interaction between campers and staff.
- Provide opportunities for the group so that each individual
experiences success during camp.
- Provide opportunities for discussion of individual or group
problems or concerns.
- Help each participant meet the goals established by the camp for
camper development.

General Responsibility #2 - To carry out camp programs:
- Guide cabin and individual campers in participating successfully
in all aspects of camp activities.
- Carry out established roles for supervising camper health.
- Carry out established roles in enforcing camp safety regulations.
- Develop cabin plans with participants as appropriate.
- Supervise all assigned aspects of the camper’s day including
morning call, cabin clean-up, meal times, rest hour, evening
activities, getting ready for bed and after-hours as assigned.
- Instruct campers in emergency procedures such as fire drills,
evacuating the cabin, unauthorized intruders, etc.
- Help campers plan their participation in camp programs, special
events and activities.
- Assist in teaching or leading an activity as assigned.
- Lead by example. You are to be where you are to be when you are
to be there!

General Responsibility #3 - To fulfill other staff administrative roles:
- Prepare for and actively participate in staff training, meetings,
and supervisory conferences.
- Set a good example for campers and others including cleanliness,
punctuality, sharing clean-up chores, sportsmanship and good
manners. . If your camper’s fail to live up to
expectations…remember it is YOUR job and YOU will be
evaluated for it.
- Follow camp rules and regulations pertaining to smoking, use of
alcoholic beverages and use of drugs.
- Encourage respect for personal property, camp equipment, and
- Manage personal time off in accordance with camp policy.
- Maintain good public relations with campers’ parents.
- Submit all required reports on time.
- These are not the only duties to be performed. Some duties may
be reassigned and other duties may be assigned as required.

Essential Functions:
*Be physically able to accompany the campers to any of the camp
*Be able to communicate verbally with campers and provide
*Have visual ability to recognize hazards in the camp setting as
well as physical symptoms of camper injury or illness
*Have auditory ability to respond appropriately to hazards and
any camper concerns
*Be able to observe camper behavior in daily camp life, to respond
verbally to health and safety concerns, and to deal appropriately
with any improper behavior