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Family Architect/Behavioral Interventionist

Available Roles:

As a Family Architect, you will:
  • be responsible for monitoring and assessing the family system
  • provide comprehensive, continual and directly applicable substitutions for maladaptive language and behaviors
  • serve as an advocate for the client
  • provide detailed session notes regarding observations, key events, curricula utilized, and professional analysis
  • establish and implement curricula specific to the client with regard to social, emotional, pragmatic, organizational, marital, cognitive or academic success
  • explicitly and thoroughly prepare clients for impending interactions and social responsibilities in the form of role play
  • potentially collaborate with other professionals relevant to client (I.e. therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, school administrators)

As a Cognitive Companion, you will:
  • support client in academic, organizational and cognitive support
  • develop and implement strategies to assist client in meeting deadlines and organizing tasks
  • interject assertively, confidently and respectfully to guide real-time actions and interactions
  • facilitate the organization and inclusion of activities to provide client with intellectual stimulation or personal enrichment
  • implement curricula that targets skills integral to cognitive and/or academic success, including but not limited to: written composition, strategic planning, and executive function (i.e. time management skills, effective note taking skills, establishing and maintaining a schedule or calendar)

Why you'll love Cognition Builders:

You are seeking an opportunity to apply your skill set in a unique setting

We are a global education company, so relocation and travel opportunities are available

You desire flexible or non-traditional work hours, depending on the client needs

You strive to work alongside highly educated professionals across different fields relating to psychology and educationĀ 

You are seeking opportunities for career growth and professional development

Why we'll love you:

You have strong sense of self; you are able to confidently interject in challenging scenarios with assertiveness, while balancing humility and compassion

You have excellent organizational skills and attention to detailĀ 

You have excellent written communication skills

Master's degree or higher preferred

Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) or equivalent crisis training preferred, but not required