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General Information: In order to be eligible to receive consideration for this position, you must be able to: (1) report to the duty station location listed in this vacancy announcement, if selected; and (2) be available to work the schedule identified.

The USGSCentral Midwest Water Science Center is seeking associates, and undergraduate and graduate level students working towards a degree in Hydrology or Physical Science to gain practical experience ingathering and analyzing basic hydrologic data.

As a Student Trainee (Hydrology) you will serve in a trainee capacity, performing routine and recurring development assignments to acquire knowledge and understanding of functions, principles, practices, and methods used in the area of Hydrology.

Initial consideration will be given to candidates whose applications have been received before the first cut-off date. Pathways Eligibility and Qualifications must be met for those applications submitted by the first cut-off date. This announcement has an initial cut-off date of May 2, 2023. Applications received after the initial cut-off date will only be referred for consideration when the initial group is exhausted and/or there are additional vacancies to fill.

Cut-off Dates:
  • May 2, 2023
  • June 2, 2023
  • July 2, 2023
  • August 2, 2023
  • September 2, 2023

Duties for GS-03 and GS-04 include, but are not limited to:
  • Preparing summary of findings, tables, and graphs for use in technical reports and presentations.
  • Developing hydrologic and precipitation data for current projects.
  • Gathering basic hydrologic data (quantity, quality, availability, movement and distribution of water).
  • Collecting and processing data to be used in computing stream discharge, determining ground water availability or calculating sediment in the field collecting hydrologic data such as streamflow measurements, groundwater levels, and water quality samples.
  • Compiling, querying, and maintaining groundwater and surface water records in scientific databases to evaluate water quality, water availability, and water use.
  • Utilizing ArcGIS scripting (such as python scripts) to automate data processing and repetitive GIS tasks.
  • Operating a government owned vehicle on a regular basis.

Additional Duties for GS-05 include, but are not limited to:
  • Collecting hydrologic data, preserving water samples for analysis, making discharge measurements, running levels to gages and wells. Checking discharge measurement computations, computing mean daily gage heights or preparing digital recorder tapes, computing and compiling daily discharge values.
  • Assisting higher graded Hydrologists with performing project work.
  • Installing, maintaining, servicing, and troubleshooting sensing, recording, and communications equipment and instrumentation. Calibrating meters and analytical equipment through appropriate technique and protocol.
  • Developing simple preliminary stage-discharge and/or velocity index curves and ratings.
  • Writing reports on non-complex hydrologic studies.

Physical Demands: The work requires some physical exertion such as; long periods of standing, walking over rough, uneven, or rocky surfaces; recurring bending, crouching, stooping, stretching, reaching, or similar activity; or recurring lifting of moderately heavy items weighing less than 50 pounds, such as lifting and carrying stream gauging weights, data collection and monitoring devices, or sample trays.

Work Environment: The work regularly involves moderate risks or discomforts associated with visiting field sites with limited access, under adverse weather or flooding conditions, or exposure to irritant or toxic chemicals. Work may require the use of special clothing or gear such as masks, coats, boots, googles, respirators, or life jackets.

Salary Information:

Urbana/Mount Vernon, Illinois:
Iowa City/Fort Dodge, Iowa:
Rolla, Missouri:
GS-03: $30,015 (Step 01) to $39,022 (Step 10);
GS-04: $33,693 (Step 01) to $43,801(Step 10);
GS-05: $37,696 (Step 01) to $49,009 (Step 10);

Dekalb, Illinois:
GS-03: $33,439 (Step 01) to $43,473 (Step 10);
GS-04: $37,537 (Step 01) to $48,797 (Step 10);
GS-05: $41,996 (Step 01) to $54,600 (Step 10);

Council Bluffs, Iowa:
GS-03: $30,278 (Step 01) to $39,363 (Step 10);
GS-04: $33,988 (Step 01) to $44,148 (Step 10);
GS-05: $38,026 (Step 01) to $49,438 (Step 10);

Lee's Summit, Missouri:
GS-03: $30,448 (Step 01) to $39,548 (Step 10);
GS-04: $34,179 (Step 01) to $44,423 (Step 10);
GS-05: $38,240 (Step 01) to $49,716 (Step 10);

Olivette, Missouri:
GS-03: $30,685 (Step 01) to $39,893 (Step 10);
GS-04: $34,445 (Step 01) to $44,778 (Step 10);
GS-05: $38,537 (Step 01) to $50,103 (Step 10);