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About World Wide Technology

At WWT, we use a proven and innovative approach to help our customers discover, evaluate, architect and implement advanced technology lab testing in our Advanced Technology Center and deploy their solutions rapidly through our global integration centers. But what truly sets us apart is our extraordinary team of highly certified professionals, every one committed to our customers’ long-term goals and success.


Advanced Technology Center Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Maryland Heights, MO
“The entire culture of WWT is very welcoming and fun. You get to meet a variety of people with many different specializations, and are treated just as well as any other employee, with free coffee, soda, and (occasionally) food.”

Sales Enablement

May 2019 St. Louis, MO
“I loved the environment at World Wide Technology. It is very friendly yet competitive. The people around me were always there to help and being assigned a variety of task really broadened my knowledge in the workplace. They give actual work and trust their interns with projects that will be given to higher up employees which is much better and more educational than busy work. Also, there is a capstone project that is given to a group of 8 interns and you must work together in a team so come up with a solution to their problem. That was such a great experience and resume builder. Another plus was that the executive team would constantly come and talk to the interns and try to get to know us which was a very welcoming feeling. ”
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